Patricia Medeiros

Creative Director / Owner

Patricia Medeiros has been the owner and director of Creative Dance Center for 42 years. As a young child, at the age of two, Patricia started dance in Dartmouth, MA. She began teaching at the age of 16 and established her own studio in the fall of 1973. She has been located in her spacious studio on Crandall Rd. in scenic Tiverton, RI since 1986

I have owned and directed The Creative Dance Center since 1973.  At the age of 19 I realized that I wanted to teach dance.  Molding young children into beautiful dancers and more confident people, has been the highlight of my career. Having the opportunity to get to work with children for 42 years has made my life amazing. I have encouraged and trained numerous students to teach and  I am proud to say I have had many students go on and open their own studio’s, continuing to spread the love of dance to others. Some have danced for college teams, for the Patriots, Phoenix Suns and New York dance companies.  But all who have studied here have left with a love for dance that will live in them forever.  Whether it is to dance themselves, put their children in dance, or continue to teach here at Creative.  My goal has always been to provide a quality dance education in a healthy non- competitive atmosphere. At the end of each season a performance is presented that makes every dancer proud to be part of.


Tina Marie

Marketing Director

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Katie Elizabeth

Community Director

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Patricia Medeiros

Creative Director / Owner

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Katie Elizabeth

Community Director

Jamie Sanford started dancing at Creative Dance Studio at the age of four.  Jamie was a member of the Tiverton High School Dance Squad where she participated in award winning performances across the country.  After graduating high school, she joined the Tiverton High School music department faculty, as the successor of Patricia Medeiros, taking the role of the Dance Squad coach from 2002-2006.   Under her direction, the dance team achieved gold in various competitions including Virginia, Bahamas, Pennsylvania and Florida.  Her greatest achievement during her time with Tiverton High School Dance Squad was obtaining 1st place Nationals during Disney Music Festival in Orlando Florida in 2006.

In 2006, Jamie accepted a management position at the James L. Maher Center, a non-profit agency supporting individuals with developmental disabilities, mental health conditions as well as other physical disabilities in the East Bay region of RI.  Shortly after her employment begun, Jamie knew her purpose was to be an advocate and be the voice for those who cannot tell their story.

In 2013, Jamie obtained her Master’s degree in Social Work from Bridgewater State University.  It was during her studies that she identified the benefits of dance both physically and emotionally in relation to creating positive body image and improving self-esteem.  Jamie rejoined the Creative Dance Center in 2013, welcoming her daughter Taylor to her second family and second home.  Jamie has attended various master classes with some of the best dancers/choreographers in the nation including Katheryn McCormick and CJ Tyson.  Jamie has assisted in development and execution of many Creative Dance community events including but not limited to: Tiverton Celebrates parade, Tiverton Trunk or Treat, CDC National Dance Day.

Currently Jamie is employed as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Newport RI.  She works within the medical field providing support, empathy and compassion to her clients and families going through challenging situations.  Jamie often states, it is through working with her clients that she sees the beauty of uniqueness, when observing the array of abilities her clients have.  Her motto when working these clients are to be present, let go, and dance to the music.

Jamie believes dance should be fun and accessible for everyone.  She often utilizes her social work skills in the classes, through the use of the strength based approach.  This provides her students with a sense of purpose and empowerment to maximize their abilities. She promotes self-confidence and inspires every student to find the uniqueness and creativity within.

Hours of Operations

Monday        4:30 - 8:45

Tuesday       5:00 - 9:00

Wednesday  5:15 - 8:15

Thursday      4:15 - 8:45

Saturday       8:45 - 1:30


Contact Info

650 Crandall Rd, Tiverton RI 02878


(401) 624-4627